Day 20: Free Resources to get started in C#

Hello there!! 👋👋👋 It’s our 20th day of coding winter 2021 and, this is my last contribution for the calendar, hope you enjoyed as much I did. Thanks for your support and for following this project. This time I’m going to share with you about free resources you can use to get started into C# programming language for improving your coding skills based on this language.

Let’s go!

There are plenty of good free resources to learn about C#, this time I going to focus in three of my favorites that I consider a really good path to get started.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft learn is a free online platform that provides interactive learning content from different roles around technology. You can filter your path based on a role and products you want to specialize in, like this:

For your first steps into this programming language I recommend you to take this learning path:

Take your first steps with C# — Learn | Microsoft Docs

In this learning path, you’ll learn from 0 how to make your first “Hello world” and also how to add decision logic to your code using the if-else statement in C#.

30 Days Code Challenge

If I challenge you to climb a mountain in 1 day with no experience, you will probably say that it is impossible. But if I tell you that for 30-days we will be learning every day how to climb and we will be climbing a few at a time, you will surely believe that it is possible.

Well, this is the idea of 30 days code challenge, you’ll learn something new and practice the basics of programming every day. I particularly like the 30-days of code challenge from Hacker rank, this is a good resource to improve your coding skills. Solve Tutorials | HackerRank


Leetcode Is a learning platform to help you enhance your programming skills, and prepare for technical interviews. This is not a completely free platform some functionalities are paid, however, you can take advantage of the free functionalities and improve your coding skills to get your dream job.


This is the last post from the Coding Winter calendar 2021, thank you for all the support to this initiative. I really enjoyed creating all the content of this calendar, and it was really challenging to create all the blog posts on time, but it was worth it.

Have a wonderful day, see you soon. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙



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Leslie Ramírez

Leslie Ramírez


I am Microsoft MVP in the award category: Developers technologies, a professional with several years in software development specifically in .NET technology.