If you are new in development maybe you curious about how to manage your sensitive data, as connections strings, API keys. Never store passwords or other sensitive data in source code. In this post we are going to focus on our secrets in the development environment, in the next post I’ll show you how to manage your production secrets with Azure Key Vault.

Environment variables are used to store your app secrets in code or local configuration files. Environment variables change the values of all previously specified configuration sources.

Consider an ASP.NET Core web app in which Individual User Accounts…

Hi everyone! At this time I want to share with you an awesome feature that we can take advantage of, Cookie middleware in .NET Core with core identity. In the beginning, could be harsh to get into it, but we are gonna make it simple as pie.

.NET Core provides the cookie middleware which serializes the user in an encrypted cookie then for the next request, the cookie is validated keeping the session and sets the value into HttpContext.

For getting started you should install the NuGet package Microsoft.AspNeTCore.Authentication.Cookies and make the initial configuration into your Startup class as follow:

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I have some good news about my career, I completed my degree project and now I’m out of college. Hee-haw!🤠

This time I want to share with you a bit about code metrics and how it could be useful for you. First, we need to know what it means code metrics. Let’s get started!

Code metrics values

If you are working on a mid-size o big company with data-intensive applications and some complex software you may know that also implies it’s more difficult to make code reliable and maintainable. “Code…

Last week I’ve to work on a pet project with a colleague and we were talking about the notification emails that we are going to use in the application, automatically I thought about azure and found the perfect service for this task. SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that provides reliable transactional email delivery, scalability, and much more.

So what implies the use of SendGrid? Does it Have Any cost?

Azure customers can unlock 25,000 free emails each month. …

As you may know C# is a strongly typed programming language, that implies once one variable, class or method is declared as a certain type, It will always behave as that type(unless in reassigned).

string unicorn = “8”;

The unicorn variable always be a string type and never is going to be an int for example. In certain weakly type language, you could do something like this:

unicorn = “8”

horse = unicorn + 8

//horse now is 16

This could sound nice, but it could make it harder to understand your code as the application grows in size, it…

If you are new to managing your applications from visual studio, you may have encountered errors that have hit you late and that probably few people talk about. In this post I wanted to collect some tips that can serve as a reference.

One of the most common problems when publishing an app from visual studio might sound like this:

“I deployed my site and it doesn’t work properly” or “I deployed and still see old content when browsing.”

There are two possibilities when this happens: Deployment issues or Runtime issues.

These types of errors that cause a group…

Caching is one of the most common used patterns in software development. And it’s a technique to reduce the load on a server by reading the data from the cache. Depends on your necessity there are some different techniques that you could apply on your app. In essence, caching makes a copy of data that can be returned much faster that from the original source.

Previous Considerations:

  1. Caching works fine with data does not change or almost not.
  2. It provides a better user experience, and makes your site faster.
  3. If your page requires database to render, then caching the page…

Leslie Ramírez

I am Microsoft MVP in the award category: Developers technologies, a professional with several years in software development specifically in .NET technology.

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